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Inspired by Joel's nickname while growing up, "Joelibear", our little family is affectionately called, "Da Bears". Starring: Joel as "Papa Bear" Kristine as "Mama Bear" Joseph as "Brother Bear" Levi as "Baby Bear"

Monday, September 29, 2008

Red, White and Baby

Today, Joe and I drove to UMD with Joel.  We wandered around campus while Joel was in class.  We had a few good stares as we walked around the student center and some smiles as Joe pushed around his stroller.  I did not envy the students doing Chemistry problems and discussing reports and assignments over lunch-- but I  enjoyed the school atmosphere- the hustle and bustle and always being with friends  :)  I looked around and thought- "wow, I can't believe these kids have no parents around them."  ha!  as if, right?  

Here we are at the UMD clothing store- surrounded by UMD paraphernalia.   Joe is sporting some baby socks and chillin' in a UMD chair.  


The Wilkins Family said...

I LOVE it! I can't believe that he is walking! Luke still hasn't taken that first step. I so miss the UofM campus. It is so beautiful.

Esther Noelle said...

How fun! I bet those students aren't as used to seeing mommies and babies and strollers around campus like BYU students are!! ;) Love him in that Terps chair!

Natalie said...

So cute! I really miss being on a college campus too. Good memories, eh?

ash said...

I like the ambiance of college campuses too. Sometimes I wish I was back in school, but then I remember those darn chemistry problems. Joe looks cool chillin' in that chair.

Rebecca said...

Can't believe how big he's getting! What a cutie!