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Saturday, September 20, 2008

DC Adventure- a success!

Here we are: ready for a day of Scavenger Hunt!
I registered us with High Trek Adventure a few weeks ago.  

Each team had to be matching- we wore white shirts with blue tie, and plaid shorts.  Super cute :)
Other nice combos we saw were- Sarah Palin and Hilary Clinton, and a trio wearing Hawaiian motif.

There were 11 clues total- took us 5 hours to finish.  Here are some of the sites we saw--

This is one of the first clues we  completed:  

"There's an establishment located within a 1/4 mile of the Dupont Circle Metro that has a character from the popular children's tv show Dora the Explorer in its name"

Thanks to our friend, Nadia, a devoted Dora follower due to her daughter- she helped us find "Fox" as the answer!

We walked and walked and finally reached the WWII memorial. The clue was:
"Locate the name of the country, state, or territory carved in the WWII Memorial- -
Discovered by Spain
Palm tree and proa on flag
Can't vote for the Prez."

Not Puerto Rico... but Guam! <--check out their flag!

And we walked some more- apparently 14th street is a very far 7 blocks from 7th street.  Where the Spy City Cafe was.    we summoned a smile nonetheless :)

Poor Joel had to do a handstand for this clue:
 "Do a handstand with a sign showing the first or last name of any one of the US presidents (Washington does not count)"... somewhere on the sign is JOHN.

And our last clue was "This TREKpoint shares its name with one of Hollywood's greatest leading men, though he's dead now.  You'll find it located South of M street in G'Town"

The name Christian Bernard has a whole new meaning to me now.

Needless to say, this was more walking than we bargained for!  But we didn't want to "not finish" or cheat (like take a cab)- so I just imagined we were in the Olympics and we were representing our family name and country-- and of course, just visualized how much fun it would be to blog with all these pictures :)

 So, hooray- we finished the race!


The Wilkins Family said...

That looks like so much fun! And you were baby free for 5 hours, pretty nice.

Esther Noelle said...

Wow how creative! Looks like a fun day!

Rebecca said...

So fun to see you blog, all your cute pictures and posts, and catch up on your life. Can that big boy really be baby Joe? My, how he's grown! Such a cutie! And so glad you guys have been benefiting from some date nights. Isn't Ness the greatest?!?! We miss you guys tons and love hearing about your life.

Natalie said...

Glad you had fun. Hope Joel was pleasantly surprised!

giff, jenna, & maddox nielsen said...

this looks like so much fun! i am totally proud of you kristene for planning such a unique and awesome date! things like that are what make life and marriage so much fun! when we forget or dont make time to do things like this we miss out on what life is all about! thanks for sharing! youre totally inspiring me to broaden my horizons and find some new, fun adventures to go on! ill keep you posted on any cool mommy adventures i find and you do the same! lets live it up!!!!!! lol!