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Thursday, October 9, 2008

SQT- 6 quirky things

I thought this would be a cool subject to write about...
Six quirky things about me (according to me):

1)  I carry floss everywhere!  in my purse, in the car, in my 72-hour kit!
2) I am usually aware when it is 10:20 am or pm.  
3)  I have Domino's Pizza, Continental (subs), and Mayflower (Chinese) - in my cell.  Ready to order, when you are! 
4) I have programmed my phone for one-touch- single digit for cell phone, and double digits for home/alternate number.  example- 3- Dad's cell.  33- Dad's home.  2- Joel's cell, 22- Joel's work.
5) I am not afraid of bugs (spiders, crickets, centipedes, etc)- but I freeze around dogs- I can't even pet them!  even now, my heart just skipped a beat thinking about it!
6) I like all my in-laws.  ALL OF THEM... a very rare gift, I've been told!

obviously, not an all-inclusive list- but i do find these items "quirky/unusual" about me.  Do you agree?

Tag: Nadia, Jenna, Natalie, Ashley.

Feel free to "self-tag", as I did here (from my sis-in-law's page!).



Dreams Really Do Come True... said...

You are too cute Kristine! All this paperwork business is ridiculous! Oh well, its worth it...right? Just playing. It looks like we'll be coming home at Christmas, so we'll see ya in just a few short months!!! Thanks for being the BEST VT ever!

Rebecca said...

Fun to learn more about you Kristine, I didn't know those things. You make me laugh. And I love the cell phone idea by the way, that's awesome!

PS I like all my in-laws too. :)

Esther Noelle said...

Yeah you did the tag! I loved reading about your quirks! :) That's nice you love your in laws! I love you! And most of my other in-laws... ha ha.... ;) I LOVE them all.