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Inspired by Joel's nickname while growing up, "Joelibear", our little family is affectionately called, "Da Bears". Starring: Joel as "Papa Bear" Kristine as "Mama Bear" Joseph as "Brother Bear" Levi as "Baby Bear"

Friday, September 19, 2008

20 questions- can you guess?

I've put together a "surprise date" for Joel for Saturday, September 20.
To prepare for it, we played 20 questions to see if he can guess what the activity is. Here are the questions he asked along with my YES/NO answers.

Can you guess what it is? I'll take questions :)

1. Woods? NO
2. Outside? YES
3. Laptop needed? NO
4. Did you pay for this? YES
5. Interact with others? No-Maybe?
6. Away from the city? NO
7. Following a map? YES
8. Have you done something similar? YES
9. Going to any building? Maybe- yes?
10. More than $100? Heck no!
11. Paying for anything tomorrow? Maybe-yes
12. Any friends have done this? NO
13. Activity available all year round? NO
14. Fun date? YES
15. Uniforms because we’re competing? YES!
16. Is there a prize? YES- $300
17. A lot of people? Maybe- yes
18. Will help to run faster? NO
19. Riddles/Clues? YES
20. Closer to our home in MD than in VA? YES


Esther Noelle said...

What the heck could it be?? No idea! But hope you have fun!

The Wilkins Family said...

Is it a community Amazing Race?