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Sunday, September 28, 2008

KVP hearts DWTS

YES!  Dancing with the Stars is back on- season 7! 

Who am I rootin' for?  Honestly, I'm pretty much a fan of the pro as much as I am a fan of the "star."  I could probably tell you more about the professional than the star.  

The first couple that caught my eye was Kym Johnson and Warren Sapp. 
 Did you know that Kym was the Australian DWTS Champ?  I think she's pretty cool esp after she coupled with Jerry Springer and Joe Fatone!  

I am a Cheryl Burke fan- right from the getgo.  I think she and Maurice Green have a good shot at being champions.  The Olympians have had a good track in this competition- I think it's the mindset of being able to train so hard.  Look at Apollo Anton Ono and Kristi Yamaguchi.  Just brilliant!  I think it's great for Cheryl to finally get her Olympian!

Let's not forget my loyalty to the Hough siblings.  Julianne Hough is partnered with Cody Lindley- aka "Jake" from Hannah Montana.  I feel like they're a great pair because of they have an advantage with energy and the "cuteness" factor.  I look forward to seeing Cody lose a little bit of the pomade and let his hair be.

And of course, Derek Hough.  I do not know Brooke Burke as a "star" - other than that she is married to the cute guy from Baywatch (the cast from a decade ago).  I'm glad Derek has another potential of a partner.  I think the producers are setting him up to have a better chance in winning.  He's clearly a great choreographer- I just hope he doesn't lose to his little sister again. 

Bottom line: Be prepared to get my voicemail Monday and Tuesday nights.  DWTS is penciled in my calendar!  Are you a fan too?


The Wilkins Family said...

I have to admit that I boycott this show. (My mother wants to disown me because of it.) I think So You Think You Can Dance is SO much better! However, now I can think of you watching and know that my mother has some company because she is obsessed! Love you guys.

Stephen, Nadia y Mia said...

I like the show, my favorite are Rocco, the chef and the volleyball player...and in the pros I like Mark and the brothers Hougs...

Trisha said...

I heart DWTS too! Tonight I was actually glad that Kim went home.... too bad for Mark! But she was no fun to watch. Anyway, I am more a fan of the Pro than the star too. Julianne is my all time fave and so is Edita (spelling is totally wrong, I know.)