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Monday, October 20, 2008

"sorry for being tired"... i guess ?

I went to a soccer clinic today hosted by Real Maryland (I couldn't believe part of my job was to be outside on a soccer field on a beautiful gorgeous day and watch kids do soccer drills- just brilliant!).  Anyway, apart from some cool soccer tricks- like picking up the ball with your feet, splicing the ball, and kicking it from behind to change directions- there was one thing that stuck with me that the instructor said.  It was to be aware of your posture when you are tired- because "You don't want anyone to see you tired- because when you are not tired, you look stronger.   And when you look stronger, you become stronger"

And apparently- the following picture is the INCORRECT way to look tired:

In this position (even if you are Kobe), your opponents will think they can take advantage of your fatigue.  

The following is the CORRECT way to stand when you are tired.  Your opponents will think you were tall-er and not think of you as tired.

I know it's beyond just playing sports the attitude of "I'm dead tired- but I will overcome!"- so I was glad to pick up that little suggestion to apply in my day-to-day.  Now, instead of hunching over while reading my Scriptures- I will stand tall and read them standing up :)


The Wilkins Family said...

What a nice comment. Thanks for posting the pictures. I can really see the difference. I will have to practice that when I am out and about. But, when I'm at home I'm going to look as tired as I want to. Well, maybe only when no one else is around to see :)

Rebecca said...

Really great thought. I'll have to work on that!