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Inspired by Joel's nickname while growing up, "Joelibear", our little family is affectionately called, "Da Bears". Starring: Joel as "Papa Bear" Kristine as "Mama Bear" Joseph as "Brother Bear" Levi as "Baby Bear"

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

These are a few of my favorite things....

Joe loves the feel of grass. He likes to walk on it- and inevitably, pluck some to eat!

"Hello?! Dada.... dada...dada...."

He's so adorable when he puts the phone (or remote) on his ear and starts babbling as if talking with his dada.

In the mornings, Joe will play in his room- and he has a few things he can tinker with- one of them is his wave machine. He loves all the buttons- and he just gets so excited when it starts blaring music...and even more so when it's on NPR.

Here he is waving his favorite treats- Gerber puffs! He also fancies the dried apples and just recently, the yogurt melts. And let's be honest, mommy enjoys them, too! :)

It's difficult to capture him "walking" by picture- so I'll be sure to get a video of that soon.
However-- his next favorite thing to getting around the house is... climbing the stairs! Here he is climbing so readily. And why wouldn't he? Mia is at the top of the stairs!
"i will do anything for love..." (meatloaf)

And my favorite "Joe's favorite thing" is.... flowers!
Here we are walking home from the park- and you can count on Joe to "stop and smell the roses"- or the pretty purple flowers, in this case.

Hope you enjoyed getting a glimpse of his "faves" for now. I sure love discovering them with him!


The Wilkins Family said...

He really is so darling.

Natalie said...

What isn't to love about Joe? Charlie loves to tinker with electronics as well but I don't dare let him because they always end up in his mouth! lol

Esther Noelle said...

That was so fun to read and see! Miss you baby Joe!

Anonymous said...

Baby joe i cannot wait to see you this Christmas! Every time Im on stage I think of you and i get all energetic!!! Keep walkin bud!
Love, Tita Camille

ash said...

What a cute little kid!

giff, jenna, & maddox nielsen said...

i love this post! so cute to see joe and all of his exploring! isnt it so fun to see his little personality developing already?! what i love the most thought is feeling his mama's excitement and love for him by reading the post! youre a great mom and im glad we re moms together! dont you just love little boys?