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Inspired by Joel's nickname while growing up, "Joelibear", our little family is affectionately called, "Da Bears". Starring: Joel as "Papa Bear" Kristine as "Mama Bear" Joseph as "Brother Bear" Levi as "Baby Bear"

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


New Bears on the Block

It's tough enough to keep up with our lives, so, ironically, we thought we'd add the element of "blogging"- with hopes to tie it all together.

I am Kristine, "mama bear", and also the main blogger.  Hence, details of events you will read will be through my POV for the most part.  I am a stay at home mom, mostly occupying my days with household stuff with my favorites being budgeting and organizing :)  I also work for LBAA (Long Branch Athletic Association) as a recruiter of Volunteers and Director for their after school programs.  LBAA is a recent added adventure to our lives, and I'm really looking forward to the upcoming school year!

Joel is the "papa bear" of the home.  As of September, he will be working full time, taking 10 credits at UMD, still be a husband, and still be a dad.  With a full plate, Joel still makes time for the important things, namely, dating his wife, playing with baby Joe,  jammin on the guitar and practicing Kung Fu.  Needless to say, after a one year sabbatical, Joel is rearing for a great year at UMD to work on his Kinesiology major!

And finally, the reason most of you are probably keeping up with this blog, is Joseph, baby Joe, our "baby Bear"!  He will be one year old in October- and yet, in his young life, he has travelled halfway across the globe, crawled to forbidden places (i.e. under the bed), and eaten mysterious things (too mysterious to mention).  He is great little guy with a contagious smile!  His recent tricks include: standing up during bathtime and turning on the shower function, handing toys to share, cruising proudly with one hand, and feeding Dada some of his treats.

This marks the official jump off point for our blogging days!  Hope you enjoy getting a glimpse of our day-to-day because we sure enjoy living it moment by moment!


Natalie said...

Yay! I'm so glad you've joined us in the blogging world!!! Congrats on the job - I'd been wondering if you'd gotten it. Way to go!

Katherine said...

I love the blog! :)

Looking forward to reading updates on the Pincock/bear family. xoxo

Stephen, Nadia y Mia said...

love it!! you did a really good job....thanks for being a great friend...love ya'll