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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Brownie Day

Joel is usually home by 4pm from work.  But today, being Tuesday, Joel had Kung Fu after work- and he was not going to be home until after 6pm.  I've been spoiled having Joel be home so early, and I admit, I get a bit anxious about the 2 extra hours I now have with baby- when I usually have Joel's help.  (A bit strange actually- I liken it to a plane ride- 10 hours is long, but 12 hours just seems like eternity. )

So, at 8am, when Joseph fought against his morning nap- I knew we were heading towards a "loooooong day."  My solution? Make brownies.  Brownies with walnuts!  yummm. 
It's a good thing too- because- after Joe decided to miss his afternoon nap as well (he does morning, noon, afternoon naps)- my "looooooong day" only seemed like a "long day"  :)

FYI- Joel is working on his broad sword form in Kung Fu- he's a lefty but holds the sword by the right hand.  very impressive!

Joe has been pushing around a mini chair as a walker.  He's so stinkin' cute- here's a video.  There's also a picture of him driving around--- sportin' a Tai Yim (Kung Fu) shirt.  Just like dada!

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Esther Noelle said...

Love the Joe video! What a cutie! And that Kung Fu shirt on him is awesome!