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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

"3 for 3"

Days seem to crawl, yet weeks  seem to fly!  Today marks my 3rd day working for LBAA.  It seems like I have spent a lot of energy trying to get the big huge ball (of recruiting) rolling- and honestly, I think I'm still pushing it along to gain momentum!  

Also, Joel and I have been diligent about going on our weekly dates- and this is our
3rd week in a row to do so.  This romantic outing is made possible by his sister, Vanessa, who stays in our home with baby Joe while we go out.
A little tidbit about tonight's date:  We went to UNO's pizza in Bethesda- the same place where we had our first date!  We even got to sit in the same booth :)  The food was great, the company delightful, and to add cherry on top- our server thought we were only "dating."  When I clarified that, "Yes, I am waiting for my husband", he was taken aback!  He said he saw us holding hands and assumed we were only dating.  Ha!  Little does he know....

As for the last 3rd, it's hard to believe that we came back from the Philippines a month and a half ago- we came back on July 3rd to be exact.  I know you've heard of our trip, but now you get to see our trip!  FYI: baby Joe and I went to the Philippines for a month this summer for the Velasco family reunion.  Joel was not able to come this time because of work schedule.  Darn!  Maybe in three years?  

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The Wilkins Family said...

That is SOOOOOOO beautiful. I found your blog from your status on Facebook. I'm so glad to be able to see what you guys are up to. We started a blog when we moved, and I'm addicted. You are welcome to check in on us at www.denisesdiscourse.blogspot.com.